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This is the Goring and District Twinning Association Web Site. Our Twinning Association covers Goring-on-Thames, Streatley and the surrounding District. We are twinned with our sister town, BellÍme, which is in Normandy, France.

There is no formal membership. All people living in Goring, Streatley or the surrounding area are automatically members and may participate in twinning activities.


Silver Oak Leaf Brooch used as a Twinning Emblem

There is a serious basis to twinning but everyone who gets involved has a lot of fun. After all, a glass of English beer or French wine can only encourage the flow and exchange of ideas! Whatever your age or background, twinning is an excellent way to meet new people both from abroad and locally.

The twinning movement started in Europe after the Second World War. Its fundamental aim is to promote personal friendship at a local and personal level, and through it international understanding and the defusing of traditional tensions. Most people are familiar with overseas travel these days, but few get to make lasting friendships and stay with hosts in their own homes. It is an excellent way of making new friends.

We organise regular events both here and in BellÍme.

Please refer to the BellÍme Website and Youtube on BellÍme

You can find a summary of the Twinning Association’s future events on the Current Activities page.

If you would like more information on any activity and/or would like to join the mailing list then please email your name and contact details to

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