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Obviously each passing year represents an anniversary, with Joint Committee meetings and various Exchanges throughout the year. But there have been a number of of major anniversaries when there have been special festivities, notably the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th/21st and 25th anniversaries. We are now celebrating our 30th Anniversary.

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The 5th Anniversary

The 10th Anniversary

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The 5th Anniversary revived the Village Festival with an Edwardian Theme held in the grounds of the Thames Bank Nursing Home. The Evening Gala was held at Langtree School.

The 10th Anniversary was held in the grounds of the Swan Diplomat with the Evening Grand Ball in a large marquee on the same grounds. A Service of Celebration and Thanksgiving was attended by all the local churches communities.

Some Anniversaries were also celebrated with car stickers as shown below.

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On the occasion of the 15th anniversary a wall plaque was presented to each of our French visitors and to their English hosts. These can still be seen on many of the houses.

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