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BellÍme Carnival
Weekend 3rd to 4th March 2012


The Goring and District Twinning Association were invitated to attend the Carnival this year in BellÍme over the weekend of 3rd and 4th March and a small group from the UK joined the festivities.

Every year the town of StŁhlingen holds a carnival with bands from StŁhlingen and near by villages parading through the streets. Once every five years the carnival moves to BellÍme.

The local residents and visitors dress in costume. As well as the parading bands, the carnival includes a street procession of floats, coupled with the normal activities you would expect on a Twinning Exchange.

All this provides a carnival atmosphere that is difficult to describe unless you have been there in person. The highlight of carnival is the music which is absolutely breathtaking.

Next Year is the 60 Anniversary of the official founding of the Carnival and there are going to be special celebrations in StŁhlingen in February 2013.

We have been cordially invited to participate in what should be an experience of a lifetime.

Futher details of the Carnivals past and present will shortly be available on a Special Carnival Website.

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