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Fund Raising Equipment

Fund Raising Equipment

The Twinning used to run a Las Vegas Evening which some of you may still remember.

We still have most of the equipment which is in good condition but nowhere to store it long term.

If there is any local organisation which has the capacity to store the equipment and to run such an event, then we would be happy to donate the equipment.

We would also be happy to explain in detail how we used to run such an event. But in brief the “punters” were given an amount of dummy money at the start of the evening which they exchanged for gambling chips. The person with most money/chips at the end won a Magnum of Champagne. The fund raising money came from the entrance fee, raffle and bar takings. You would need sufficient staff to run several gambling tables etc

If you are interested then please contact us via

The equipment consists of the following:

  • Large (9 ft by 4 ft) Roulette table with authentic layout
  • Roulette Wheel
  • Large quantity of authentic Gambling Chips
  • Medium sized card game table
  • Various overhead lighting units for each table

The Black Jack baizes need replacing and the lighting would need to be PAT tested and/or replaced.


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