The Towns
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The Towns

This Twinning Association covers both Goring-on-Thames and Streatley, together with the surrounding District.

We are twinned with our sister town, BellÍme, which is in Normandy, France.

BellÍme is also twinned with StŁhlingen in Germany. Our Twinning Association has not formally made links with StŁhlingen, but we do participate in many of each others twinning activities.

The village of Goring-on-Thames (population approximately 3,000) is sited on the East bank (Oxfordshire) of the river Thames, while the smaller village of Streatley (population approximately 600) is on the West bank (Berkshire). This particular reach of the river, which is flowing south, is known as the Goring Gap. The villages are joined by a pair of arched bridges with lattice fencing from which tourists and residents enjoy picturesque views of the weirs and Goring Lock.


Goring Gap from the sky High


The Streatley Weir


The Goring Arch


The Streatley Arch

A map of Goring Lock  High


The Goring Lock

Map of Streatley and Goring

Map of BellÍme

Map of Stulingen

Google Map of Goring

Google Map of Streatley

Google Map of BellÍme

Google Map of Stulingen

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The Goring Weir

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